How can I start new plants from cuttings?

How can I start new plants from cuttings?

The techniques are listed below, but first, here are a few general tips to keep in mind:

  • Cuttings taken from the base of a plant will typically root faster than those taken from the top.
  • Thin cuttings root better than thick ones.
  • Plants grown in shade root more quickly than those grown in full sun.

How do you start plant from cutting?

  • Selecting a healthy tree with no visible signs of stress is important, the healthier the donor tree, the better survival chances your cutting will have.
  • Watering the donor tree the night before will provide extra hydration to the cutting.
  • Remove the leaves by cutting the leaf stem about 1/2″ from the branch before or right after you take the cutting. …

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What trees can be grown from cuttings?

The best fruit trees to grow from cuttings include:

  • Apple
  • Apricot
  • Blueberry
  • Cherry
  • Currants
  • Elderberry
  • Gooseberry
  • Peach
  • Pear
  • Plum

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How to propagate plants by using cuttings?

You will need the following:

  • Propagating medium. Stephen had washed propagating sand, but perlite also works well as a propagating material.
  • A really good, sharp knife
  • Propagating hormone. Either hormone powder or the liquid or gel version, which is particularly good if the cutting is from a plant that bleeds sap as it seals the whole …
  • A dibber. …

How to Take Cuttings

Snip the cutting, just below the node (node is a tiny bump on a stem), from the tip of any branch using a sharp tool or garden scissors; it should be 4-6 inches long. Keep in mind that you should take the cutting from a disease-free branch, having no flower. Prefer to take the cutting from a newly grown, fresh softwood branch.

Cutting must be done at a 45-degree angle instead of cutting straight across since cutting from an accurate angle helps the plant with better water intake by the stems. After that, carefully remove the leaves from the lower half without causing damage to the stem. Dip this cutting in a rooting hormone and plant it in either soil or water.

Preparing the Container

Use a soilless potting mix for growing roots from stem cutting and fill a clean pot with the medium. Avoid using garden soil as it may contain pathogens that can harm the cutting before it begins to root. Similarly, don’t use a substrate that is rich in organic matter or contains pre-added fertilizer or compost.

Requirements for Rooting Plants from Cuttings

Just like climatic conditions, optimum moisture content and humidity also vary for various plants. Some cuttings will form roots well in moist soil with organic matter, while some, like prefer dry soil and less humidity. Also, you have to water the plants accordingly. Mulching should be done if plants prefer moisture-rich soil, as this will help the soil to retain wetness for long. To raise the humidity, you can keep them in a greenhouse or place them in a plastic tote.

Growing Herbs From Cuttings

Herbs not only enhance the flavor of any food but also fill the atmosphere with a refreshing aroma. You can multiply many herbs from an existing plant and have an endless supply of them! Learn the names of 11 Herbs that Grow from Cuttings and start propagation.

Growing Succulents From Cuttings

Succulents can be grown from stem cuttings or leaf cuttings, but it depends on the species. For example, Echeverias can be propagated from the individual leaf. On the other hand, Aeoniums grow best from stem cuttings. Then there are plants like the that can be produced from stem and leaf-cutting both. Always collect the information before proceeding about the you’re propagating.

  • To take cuttings for propagation, just cut the leaf from the base by twisting and turning carefully, without damaging it.
  • After taking the cuttings, allow them to heal and dry out before propagation.


1- AFRICAN VIOLET. African violet is a plant that can grow from leaves in water. First, you should choose young healthy African violet leaves and cut the leaf about two inches from the stem. Now place this cutting in a narrow-necked bottle so …

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