How do you macrame a plant hanger?

How do you macrame a plant hanger?

Make a macrame planter, learn maple sugaring: 59 plant and garden activities to try in February

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How to make a beaded plant hanger?


  • 10 mm wood beads
  • larger wood beads in various sizes
  • waxed cord
  • scissors
  • measuring tape
  • cylindrical planters (This is a set of two for a really good deal; you could make two hanging planters or use the second one for a different project.)
  • soil and a plant (or an airplant)
  • optional: clear tape

How to make a hanging potted plant rope holder?

Tie a knot with all the strands just below the carabiner.

  • Try to get this knot as close to the carabiner as possible. Feel free to undo the knot and try again if you have to.
  • If you’re using more strands, then make sure you loop all of them into a knot. Don’t leave any sticking out.
  • For a more decorative approach, you could also tie colored string below the carabiner to hold the strands together.

How to make plant hangers out of yarn?

How to Make a Plant Hanger With Yarn Step 1: Gather Instruments At first, you need to make sure you have the proper tools to create a plant hanger. You would need a ring & any yarn of your preference. Make sure the yarn is strong enough. If the yarn is fragile, it wouldn’t be able to support the weight of the plant.

1. Simple DIY Rope Plant Hanger

Create a simple DIY rope plant hanger and a pot that goes well with it for growing succulents with the help of this tutorial at Make it & Love it!

3. Rope Macramé Plant Hanger

Create trendy macrame plant hangers using cotton cords and ropes of contrasting colors for your indoor plants. The tutorial is here!

5. Twisted Polyester Rope Plant Hanger

This HGTV tutorial is going to guide you on how to make a rope planter using the basic supplies from the hardware store.

7. Knotted Rope String Hanging Planter from Recycled Materials

How about utilizing an empty jam or sauce jar and hang it with a rope to grow a succulent or vine? Click here for all the info!

9. DIY Jute Rope Plant Hanger

The mix of jute and plant ropes gives this planter a country look! To learn how it was made, click here!

11. DIY Plant Hanger – Natural and Simple

An easy tutorial video, which will guide you in making this unique planter using jute ropes!

13. DIY Rope Vertical Plant Hanger

Scrap wood, terra cotta pots, rope, and a metal ring is all you need to make this multiple plant hanger. More details here.

15. Hanging Ceramic Pot Planter

Check out this DIY to make a hanging ceramic planter with ease!

17. Modern Hanging Planter

Bring some new life to your window decor with a simple, minimalist DIY modern hanging planter! Click here for more details.

19. Beaded Plant Hanger

You can use any bowl of your choice along with nylon string or baker’s twine. Details are here.

25 DIY Plant Hangers with Full Tutorials – DIY Crafts

Double Pot DIY Macrame Plant Hanger: Here is a macrame plant hanger with double cradle, can hold 2 pots at one time! This 2 tier plant hanger has been brought to prominence by using wooden beads as accents! It is having most of done with square and half knots! macramelovers.

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DIY Plant Hanger: How to Make a Super Simple Rope Plant Hanger

The plant hanger is available in 5 different colors: White, Mustard, Red, Salmon and Lavender. To give you a conscience mind when purchasing our products. We have a home/studio that allows us to reduce our environmental footprint and live more simply, while at the same time being a space where we love to spend our time.

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45 DIY Hanging Planter Ideas You Can Make Your Own at Home

Just flatten the air dry clay balls and make the longer strips of clay roll them in cylindrical shape and then add the bottom to make a planter! Use pencil to make holes in top side for hanging purposes and next add your greenery! Hang your planter using the rope and that’s it! Full project instructions here manias.

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DIY Jute Rope Plant Hanger : 6 Steps (with Pictures) – Instructables

Step 2: Creating the Harness. Next, tie the 8 pieces of rope together with some more colorful string. Make sure to wrap the string several times around the 8 pieces of rope to prevent the pot from slipping through. This will make the bottom joint of the harness which will support the pot. Split the 8 ropes into 4 groups of 2 and create a …

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Rope Plant Hanger | Etsy

Check out our rope plant hanger selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our planters & pots shops.

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Macrame Plant Hangers: Fantastic DIY Ideas

Stages are listed below: Accumulate all 8 pieces of rope, overlay in half, and circle through the ring. Using your 5-foot long piece of string, tie a circle tie right underneath the ring. Take four strands and tie a square tie, and do it 6 times again. Repeat this design with another gather of 4 ropes, and rehash for the remaining cords.

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DIY Macrame Plant Hanger (Step-by-Step Tutorial) – Craftsy Hacks

Step 1. The first order of business is to cut your macrame cords. Depending on how big your planter or pot is and also how big you want the hanger to hang, the amount of cord needed will vary. This particular project calls for eight cords, each of which should measure 170 inches or 14 feet, and two cords of 40 inches (3.5 feet).

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25 Easy DIY Air Plant Holder Ideas to Display Air Plants

The link below will walk you through the step by step guide. The dough of this pot can be prepared in just 15 minutes, dry it, and plant it. ashadeofteal. 5. DIY Birch Air Plant Hanger. Follow our inspiring air plant holder ideas to give your indoor decor a …

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50+ Creative Hanging Plants Ideas For Indoor – Wittyduck

They survive in medium light and requires less amount of water. These plants don’t need much care but it does make your house quite erotic. You should hang this beside a window, it will make the sight awesome. 5. Marble Queen Pothos. Share. Share on Pinterest Share on Facebook Share on Twitter. Share.

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24 DIY Garden Plant Markers & Plant Label Ideas

So check out these 24 DIY garden plant markers & plant label ideas giving your imagination and creativity an instant boost up. Things which you throw away considering of no use can give you some brilliant plant labels like ice cream sticks, bottle caps, corks, stones and rocks, mason jar or can lid, etc. to catch more details about these ideas …

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