How to create a vertical succulent garden?

How to create a vertical succulent garden?


  1. Remove the glass and the back from the frame.
  2. Cut the wire mesh to fit inside the frame opening, making sure to leave enough to staple to the inside edges of the opening.
  3. With the frame face down, insert the mesh. …
  4. Now time to construct the shadow box on the back of the frame to create space for the soil and plants. …

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How to make a vertical succulent planter?

  • Succulent
  • A tape to measure
  • Chicken wire
  • A hammer
  • Nails
  • A pencil or Marker
  • Glue
  • Special potting mix for cacti and succulents
  • 4 equal size thick sticks or frame moulding to make frame
  • Moss (Optional)

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How to make your own indoor succulent garden?

  • Place a layer of pea gravel in the bottom of your container for drainage. …
  • Add a layer of potting soil. Soil specifically labeled for cacti or succulents is mixed to be fast draining, which will also help keep your plants healthy.
  • Place your plants. …
  • Fill in the soil. …
  • Water your garden. …
  • Place your garden and enjoy it! …

How to build and plant a succulent garden?

To plant your succulents outdoors and in the ground, use the following steps:

  • Dig a shallow hole in the location you have selected. …
  • Mix substrate into the soil to improve drainage.
  • Remove the succulent from the container it came in.
  • Remove any excess soil around the roots of the container. …
  • Thoroughly water the hole prior to planting the succulent.
  • Place the succulent in the hole.

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1. Golden Frame Succulent Planter

Paint an old frame in a beautiful shade of golden and use it to display succulents of different colors and shapes.

3. Vertical Garden in Horizontal Way


Install these horizontal planters on a fence and grow your favorite succulents. You can club many small varieties together in this arrangement.

5. Three-Storey Arrangement


Showcase this beautiful three-story arrangement by planting succulents in pots and directly in the soil in the same way shown in the picture.

7. Add Natural Colors to the Wall

Grow a variety of succulents on a wooden frame planter for this unique, eye-catching look.

9. DIY Succulent Frame

Get all the steps here to make this DIY succulent frame or wall planter, and it’s easy to care too.

11. DIY Gold Recycled Succulent Planter

Upcycle old containers into beautiful succulent planters, as shown in the tutorial here.

13. Creative Vertical Succulent

Upcycle an IKEA Lack Table into this DIY vertical succulent garden. All the steps are here.

15. Wall Hanging Vertical Succulent Garden

You’ll need a picture frame and some assorted faux succulents to complete this wall hanging project. The tutorial is here.

17. Wood Shutter Vertical Succulent Planter

Transform solid wood shutters into vertical potting boxes and fill them with soil to grow low-maintenance succulents. We found the idea here.

19. Vertical Succulent Garden Tutorial

This DIY project will ask you to do a little bit of woodworking, you’ll have this amazing DIY vertical succulent garden.

Vertical Succulent Garden – Refresh Restyle

It’s time for our Home Depot virtual party, my blogger friends and I are sharing our vertical succulent gardens that you can make: April 20, 6:30 pm – 8 pm at your local Home Depot. It feels great to create something using power …

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DIY Vertical Garden: Planting Succulents in a Picture Frame

7. Flip the photo frame over. 8. Pour succulents from their pots and carefully remove the soil from the roots. 9. Use a plant stake to poke holes in the moss at the desired spot and place the plant in it. 10. Press the plant well and …

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DIY Vertical Succulent Planter – Mountain Crest Gardens

Here is a short video we put together demonstrating how to use Sedum & Aeonium with our star shaped vertical wooden planter. This planter with this succulent arrangement is just one of endless possibilities. We’d love to see what you come up with! YouTube. Mountain Crest Gardens. 25.9K subscribers.

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Vertical Succulent Garden – How To Grow Succulents …

Since succulents normally have a shallow root system, they can become established in just an inch (2.5 cm.) or so of soil. Use rooting hormone or even a sprinkle of cinnamon to encourage root growth. Wait a couple weeks …

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20 Outstanding DIY Vertical Gardens (With Pictures)

To help you along that line, here are 20 outstanding DIY vertical gardens (with pictures). #1. Hanging pots on a vertical garden. Hanging pots on a wall can support a vertical garden in ways you can only imagine. If you have …

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5 DIY Ideas to Create a Gorgeous Vertical Garden – Goodnet

Another similar upcycle idea is to turn an old picture frame into a vertical garden, as seen in The Crafty Gentleman blog. Create a deep shadow box to back the frame, plant it with succulents, and hang on a wall. To water, take down your ‘nature picture,’ soak it, and then rehang. Paint your shutters a bright color and staple landscaping …

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Vertical Gardening with Succulent Plants

In the next photo, you will see the cuttings in a new location. Lay out the cuttings filling the planting space. A little space between cuttings, 1/8th to ¼”, is about right to be able to hang your frame in about 8 to 12 weeks. Move the cuttings around until you are happy with the way the plants look together.

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DIY Vertical Garden Ideas (16+ Creative Designs For More …

This DIY vertical garden is made from lattice where the holes between the slats are just the right size to fit standard square pots. Fill in all of the holes with potted succulents and you have an easy DIY vertical succulent garden. You can see this lattice project along with some other vertical garden pictures HERE. Lattice Vertical Garden Wall

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53 BEST DIY Vertical Garden Ideas – The Heathered Nest

43. Hanging DIY Succulent Frame | Jaime Costiglio. Jaime created a beautifully framed planting wreath to create an indoor vertical garden with succulents, but this could also be a planter for flowers or veggies that could be mounted outside. 44. Free-Standing Wood “Crate” DIY Vertical Wall Planter | Jaime Costiglio.

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12 Best Vertical Garden Planters 2022 | HGTV

Effortless Elevation. $150. Amazon. Take your blooms to the next level with this mobile freestanding vertical planter. Each set includes a corrosion-resistant metal frame and nine small and two large durable plastic planter boxes ideal for growing herbs, vegetables and flowers on your deck or patio. Buy It.

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