How to make a simple succulent planter?

How to make a simple succulent planter?


  • Wood box
  • Picture frame to cover box
  • Chicken wire or wire mesh to cover opening in frame
  • Staples (for electric stapler)
  • 4 small screws
  • Aleene’s Original Clear Gel Tacky Glue
  • Long-Fibered Sphagnum Moss
  • Succulent plants (different colors and shapes)

How to make Succulent planters?

“Leafy rainforest natives like the light shade and succulents or yuccas prefer full sun,” says Harris. And make sure to mist your leafy plants to increase their humidity and moisture, as well as to rebuild strength. You’ll be busy moving into your …

How to make a DIY succulent heart planter?

  • Remove a succulent from its pot and brush excess soil away, exposing the roots.
  • Reach through an opening in the poultry netting, and poke a hole through the moss and into the soil.
  • Tuck the succulent’s roots into the hole. …
  • After you’ve placed the plant, carefully bend the wire back into place to secure it.

How to make a layered sand succulent planter?

How to Make a Layered Sand Succulent Planter – Garden Lovers Club. This video, provided by Garden Answer, contains a tutorial on how to grow succulents in a planter filled with attractive layers of decorative sand. A glass planter that holds succulents above several distinct layers of colored sand looks stunning. Unfortunately, it is a bit …

1. DIY Mini Succulent Planter

These cute little planters are made from large, colorful plastic Easter eggs to grow the assortment of succulents. Line them up on a shelf as decor pieces or use them as the centerpiece. Visit A Kailo Chic Life for the tutorial!

3. Monogram Succulent Planter

Personalize your home front with a succulent monogram planter like this. Visit Daily Dish Magazine to learn more.

5. Cassette Tape Succulent Planter

Connect your childhood to your present by making a DIY succulent planter from old cassette tapes. Find the instructions at Creative Green Living.

7. Book Planter

This DIY article at Apartment Therapy is engaging and shares the all required steps to create these unique Book Planters!

9. Teacher’s Gift

Plant succulents in mini metal plant pots to make the valuable teacher gift, a perfect idea for the Teacher Appreciation Week or use them as favors. Find the DIY at Tiny Oranges.

11. Mason Jar Succulent Pots

Employ mason jars, paint, succulent and soil to complete this project in no time! Follow Lolly Jane to get the directions.

13. Growing Succulents

Here’s a super quick guide on how you can grow and take care of succulent plants.

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15. Glass Insulator Planter

Find this DIY at Home Talk. It is absolutely an out of the box idea to reuse glass insulators for growing succulents!

17. Wine Cork Magnet Planters

Make these tiny but adorable magnet planters to grow succulents using wine corks. Find the tutorial here. Check out more Magnet Planter Ideas here!

19. Light Fixture Planter

Create an attractive brass light fixture planter for your home in a few easy steps. Click here for the tutorial.

24 DIY Faux Succulent Planters, For Those Without a Green Thumb

DIY Large Front Door Wreath. Chicken Feeder Planter. Magnetic Succulent Planter. Succulent Jar Magnets. Galvanized Bucket Hanging Succulent Planter. Vintage Milk Glass Succulent Planter. 5-Minute Milk Glass Succulent Planters. Triple Galvanized Bucket Planter. Beach Terrarium.

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DIY Planters: Repurposed Succulent Planter – My Creative Days

Black Spray Paint. I have found a couple of these chicken feeders at yard sales. The first one I bought was turned into crayon storage on our art table and this one was destined to become one of my DIY planters for succulents. This feeder had a cracked glass top but it was the base I was going to use anyway.

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DIY Succulent Planter : 7 Steps (with Pictures) – Instructables

Step 1: Glue the Pieces Together. Firstly, we need to make a bigger block out of the plywood scraps. Put enough wood glue on to nicely cover the mating surfaces, clamp the pieces together and let it dry. I ended up with a piece that is approximately 120x90x90 mm.

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Easy DIY Succulent Planters | Free Printable Included

Such a cute and simple centerpiece…inexpensive too! You can grab the vases here, then buy some rice and beans to fill the vase. This succulent planter would look fabulous on a bookshelf. Get the jar here. Find a little nook in your home that needs some sprucing up and add this hanging mason jar planter.

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DIY Succulents Kits | Topiary Succulent Planting Kits

Succulent Collections, Cuttings & Do-It-Yourself Garden Kits. Create your own living succulent topiaries or terrarium garden with one of our do-it-yourself succulent topiary and planter kits! Great for DIY projects, virtual parties and corporate gifts. We have put together easy to do succulent DIY planting kits that include everything you need …

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Easy DIY Succulent Planter Box – Practical Whimsy Designs

Step 1: Paint the box. The easiest way to paint a box is to spray paint it, but I wanted to create a more white washed look for my succulent planter. To get this look, paint the wooden box with acrylic craft paint. If you want a more rustic, white washed look, …

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DIY Felt Succulent Planter with 3 Free Patterns – The Yellow …

3. Add a tiny dot of glue to one leg of each leaf and overlap the other leg to give the leaves a cupped shape. 4. Add a line of glue to the long edge of the smallest leaf and roll it on itself. 5. Glue the 4 small leaves to the rolled center, even spaced in a …

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60 Ways to Display Succulents in Your Home – DIY Crafts

Here is a list of 60 DIY Succulent Projects to display succulents in your home in super smart and elegant ways! Check out the whole list of Easy craft ideas to see all the genius ways to bring succulents to any of your interior space for bigger natural statements of decors! Not only these ideas featuring amazing and creative succulent displays …

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DIY Succulent Planter – YouTube

Succulents are great low maintenance indoor plants that can be used to add life to any room. This DIY planter looks great as a centerpiece on a table or can…

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Succulent Wedding Favors: How to Make These Easy DIY Succulents

Succulents essentially need just a few basics: a little light, a little water, and a lot of love. Giving succulents is a great way to spend your wedding favor budget because it’s not a throw-a-way gift; it’s a wedding favor your guests will enjoy right away at home. 2. Succulent favors can double as escort cards, saving you money.

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