How to turn vintage things into flower pots and planters?

How to turn vintage things into flower pots and planters?

Tin cans or old tires, spray it with your favorite color you will get, beautiful flowerpots and planters. We present you come incredible ideas how to turn vintage things into amazing and beautiful flower pots and planters.

What are some recycled planter ideas?

Recycled Planter Ideas 1 Yellow Drawer Plant boxes 2 Plant Grill 3 Green Tray 4 Repurposed Egg Cart 5 Flowers in Boot 6 Teacup Wall Art 7 Herb Tin Garden 8 I Heart Shelf 9 Not for Cooking 10 Old New Can More items…

What can I do with my garden planters?

You can use them to transform your patio in a salad garden or to plant some fresh herbs or spices for your cooking.

What materials can be used to make planters?

Materials: glass, wood, rubber, zinc, plastic, tin, ceramic, stone, pebble What follows are beautiful photos of recycled planter ideas along with design options we thought may be of interest to you. If you are interested in more planter ideas, you have come to the right place. We have planter ideas for a wide variety of settings and styles.

1. Cane / Wicker Planter

Cane / Wicker planters have this certain rustic vibe and render a classic look to any space where you keep them.

3. Bucket and Hand Pump Planter

Create a distinct planter from an old rusty bucket and a hand pump. Copy the look with the help of this image.

5. Vintage Galvanized Planter

Check out this great DIY to make a vintage planter that you can keep on a porch and patio to grow flowers.

7. Vintage Toolbox Planter

Use a vintage toolbox and add pieces of stone, pebbles, and growing medium to grow succulents. Details are here.

9. Tin Can Planter

Adorn a tin can with paper doilies, vintage images, border strips, and glue to recreate this idea. Get the directions at The Graphics Fairy.

11. Vintage Chair

Repurpose a threadbare chair to make a vintage mossy planter like this. Visit The Hometalk for further details.

13. Cheery Porch Decor

With the addition of some hardware parts and flowers, you can build a vintage porch planter in no time. Visit here to get the How-to.

15. Wooden Shoe Planter

Display a set of vintage souvenir dutch shoes with succulents on a wooden board to replicate this idea. Here are the instructions.

17. Window Planter Box

Attach a wooden planter box to a vintage window to grow plants in less space. The DIY video is here.

19. Bird Cage Planter

Select, hose, and spray paint a rusted birdcage to convert it into a stylish centerpiece for outdoor dining. The tutorial is here.

30 Best DIY Planter Box Ideas And Tutorials For 2022

Reclaimed Pallet Wood Planter. Source: 1001 Pallets. This DIY reclaimed pallet wood planter looks like something you would see up for at least 100 bucks at your local family home and goods store. It’s elegant, it’s layered …

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27 Recycled Planter Ideas – Garden Outline

Repurposed Egg Cart. Points of Interest glass cookie jar used as seedling bank egg tray made from recycled paper egg shells used as seedling planter wooden table. 5. Flowers in Boot. Points of Interest recycled blue rubber rain boot planter wild violet plant and flower painted white DIY wood slat fence. 6.

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Vintage Sewing Machine Planter Ideas

DIY Vintage Garden with Old Sewing Machine Base. For a vintage sewing machine planter, you will need an old sewing machine base or table, a wooden crate, potting soils, and lovely plants. As a first way, you can use your old sewing machine as simple tables for your pot plants. Or you can put a wooden crate on it for using as a planter.

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December 31, 2012. Here’s a simple project for converting a vintage planter into a simple DIY cat bed. I had a custom cushion made to fit the planter, but you may be able to find an inexpensive ready-made cushion that will work just fine. … April 13, 2022. Rest. Modern Elevated Cat Bed with Felt & Faux Fur. March 27, 2022. 1 comment Reply …

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DIY Vintage Planter Cat Bed • hauspanther

Take the umbrella, turn it upside down and stick it into the ground to transform it to a flower bed. #2. Side yard makeover started from building a garden bed. #3. Build tiered beds from wooden pallets. Source Unknown. #4. Mickey …

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20 Truly Cool DIY Garden Bed and Planter Ideas

This is the best way to recycle your old shoes and thus saving money from the buying of planters and containers for the plating purposes. These shoe planters would add many style statements to your garden decor and can enhanced more with a little paint and button or beads work on them. 10 DIY Hanging Basket Vertical Garden.

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22 DIY Shoes Planter Ideas – DIY to Make

Jan 25, 2017 – Explore Garden Lovers Club – Gardening’s board “Mailbox Planter Ideas”, followed by 65,842 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about …

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31 Mailbox Planter Ideas – Pinterest

40 Best Planter Ideas and DIY Designs (categorized by container type) … This is a fun horizontal DIY idea, once again repurposing old materials. … 31. Make a 3-Tier Planter with Dura Cotta Pots (DIY guide) Find an easy project for a three-tiered planter by Ruggy DIY. Using some plastic Dura Cotta pots, plastic bottles, soil, and your plants …

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40 DIY Strawberry Planter Ideas for Container Planting

Planting bright flowers, like the ones seen here, will likely attract butterflies and other pollinators. Ivy and plants that can be trained will look great in this planter. 26. White Bicycle Planter for a Garden. This bicycle looks excellent in this garden because it adds some contrast to …

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30 Mind-Blowing Bicycle Planter Ideas For Your Garden or On-The …

Letterpress Drawer Vertical Succulent Garden. Photo Credit: OK, first of all, I want to say that I’m jealous that Randi got this letterpress drawer for $2.99 from a thrift store! But, what a great way to make a verticle succulent garden! Continue Reading. 5.

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