How to use plastic bottles for gardening?

How to use plastic bottles for gardening?

A large empty wall can be a great place to grow multiple plants in plastic bottles. 3. Plastic Bottle Green House How about using empty plastic bottles to make a mini greenhouse in your backyard! 4. Green Glass Bottle Planter Ditch the same old planters and make an interesting one for flowers using green glass bottles. 5. A Bottle Arch

What to do with a glass bottle planter?

A three-row circular glass bottle planter is great for small gardens. 15. A Wine Bottle Bird Feeder All you need is a pine furring strip, Wine Bottle, drill, and wood glue to make this one. 16.

What to do with unused bottles?

Don’t let the un-used bottles in your home go to waste. Here are some really cool DIY Bottle Garden Projects that you can implement to repurpose bottles that you’d otherwise never use. 1. Hanging Glass Bottles with Ropes

Can you grow orchids in plastic bottles?

Colorful Bottle Garden Add real or fake orchid inside a large glass bottle for a mini garden look. 24. Hanging Plastic Bottle Garden This hanging bottle garden is the best way to grow herbs or other plants in a small space. 25. Red Bottle Garden Paint plastic or glass bottle in a shade of red and grow real or fake plants in them!

1. Sealed Bottle Garden

Make your sealed bottle garden using clean glass jars, horticulture charcoal, pea gravel, weed cloth, and some twigs and pebbles to complete the look. Learn more here.

3. Closed Terrarium

Grow high humidity plants such as Ferns, Creeping Fig, Ivy, and Peperomia, layering the base of a clean jar with gravels, moss sheets, and charcoal. Details are here.

5. Mini Bottle Garden

This quirky project requires a mason jar, gravels, potting soil, a bit of compost, and a small plant cutting. Make yours like this.

7. Terrarium Flower Garden

Grow moisture-loving flowers in a clear sealed glass jar layered with aquarium gravel, pumice powder, moss sheet, and a few decorative stones.

9. Indoor Terrarium Garden

Give the dull corners of your house a dreamy makeover with this indoor terrarium garden using mini hut figurines for an added charm.

11. Large Bulb Terrarium

A large bulb terrarium will add the perfect tropical vibes to your bland indoors. Keep it in bright light for plant better growth.

13. Covered Jar Garden with Cork

Give your humidity-loving plant a personalized jar to thrive in making sure it fulfils all the plant’s requirements.

15. Wine Bottle Closed Terrarium


You can also make a wine bottle terrarium using different plants in multiple bottles. It will take some time but will be worth the effort.

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