What are some fun spilled flower pot ideas?

What are some fun spilled flower pot ideas?

22 Fun Spilled Flower Pot Ideas to Brighten Your Yard with Style 22 Whimsical Spilled Flower Pot Ideas that will Add a Unique Touch to Your Garden 1. Petunias Flowing From a Planter 2. Milk Can Spills White Flowers 3. Rainbow of Pansies Tumbling Down 4. Dramatic Spilled Flower Pot Idea 5. Succulents Pouring from a Pitcher

What do you do with a spilled flower garden?

Marigolds spilled all over the lawn. This flower spill will fill in and become a sea of gold. Source Red is a great color for the flowers in your spilled flower garden. Source You can add ceramic accents, like this rabbit, to your spilled flower pot displays. A ceramic rabbit looks over the spilled flower pot.

How to make a spill pot?

All you need is a flower pot, some potting soil, and a few summer bedding plants. It’s is a fun way to use up those last few plants after filling your other containers or beds — about 5-6 small bedding plants should work nicely. You can make a spill pot in just a few easy steps: 1. Loosen the dirt in an area about one foot wide and two feet long.

Why spilled flower pot is a good idea for your garden?

In Landscaping and garden design, creating a focal point is important, it makes your garden more lively. For this, spilled flower pot is a gorgeous idea. You can create an astonishing waterfall like appearance from flowers.

Picking a Spot

Pick a spot which receives shade in the afternoon and you want more focus on. In the middle of your garden, or on the lawn from where it will be visible, you can also place it on a table or use an old bicycle to spill it from there.


To make this as a focal point of your garden use warm colors like red, yellow, orange, purple as they are best to highlight anything. You can also use cool colors like blue.

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