What are some ideas for decorating clay pots?

What are some ideas for decorating clay pots?

  • Only squeeze out as much paint as you plan on using. …
  • Pick colors based on the design scheme for your pot. For instance, if you’re painting a night sky on your container, use a dark navy or black paint.
  • Metallics and bold colors are great color options for a clay pot.

How to decorate your plain clay pot in amazing ways?

  • Remove any stickers or price tags.
  • If you’re painting a terracotta pot, soak it in water for a few hours first. Scrub the entire thing with a stiff brush to get rid of dust or dirt. …
  • Allow your flower pot to dry completely before painting.

How do you decorate a clay pot?

how do you decorate clay pots? You can decoupage or paint terra cotta flower pots. To prepare the pots, you should smooth the pot with sandpaper, seal the pot if using outside, then apply acrylic craft paint or spray paint, OR decoupage with Modge Podge . Find more information on decorating clay pots HERE .

What can you do with a clay pot?

clay pot crafts

  • clay pot fairy garden
  • DIY Gumball Machine
  • Clay Pot Turtle
  • clay pot light house
  • decoupage flower pots
  • Colorful Clay Planters
  • DIY Galaxy Flower Pot
  • Pineapple Air Plant Holder
  • clay pot critters
  • DIY Flowerpot Bird-Feeder

More items…

1. Clay Pot Wreath

Make a clay pot wreath out of clay or terracotta pots. Follow this tutorial.

3. Clay Pot Lighthouse

Make a clay pot lighthouse if you have a few pots that you are not using. Read the complete article on Ehow.com.

5. DIY Birdfeeder

Make a bird feeder to attract and feed birds. A useful step by step DIY article is here.

7. DIY Candle Planter

Make something unusual for your home and garden. Create a potted candle planter with the help of this tutorial on Family Chic.

9. DIY Vertical Herb Planter

Buy a few terracotta pots and arrange them above each other. A step by step guide is here.

11. Mosaic Birdbath

If you have a broken pot you can create an alluring fairy garden in it. Read our post to find out how to make it.

14. DIY Garden Mushroom

Decorate your garden with these colorful pot mushrooms. To find out how you can do this, visit Birds & Blooms

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11. Mosaic flower pot. The mosaic flower pot is another beautiful clay pot garden idea that will use your old pots. You can turn the ordinary clay pots into cute decorative items in your garden. You don’t need to spend the whole day doing all these projects. You can finish it within a short time. Source.

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1. Cut the small styrofoam ball in half and glue each piece using the mounting adhesive on the clay bowl for eyes. 2. Now prime and paint the clay frog. Draw the eyes and a big smile. 3. Cut the feet from the foam rubber sheet. Pay attention to their structure – a piece of light and another one of dark green foam.

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