What are the best materials for balcony railings?

What are the best materials for balcony railings?

What Is The Best Deck Railing Material?

  • Steel Railings. Steel is a heavy-duty metal to choose for your railing project. …
  • Wood Railings. Wood Railings are a classic rustic look, but maintenance can be time consuming. …
  • Vinyl Railings. Vinyl railings are made of Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) which is a light and affordable material. …
  • Aluminum Railings. …

How to install a balcony railing?

Part 2 Part 2 of 4: Measuring and Cutting the Wood

  1. Mark the railing height on the posts. Using a tape measure, make a pencil mark in the center of each post.
  2. Measure the distance between the posts. If you didn’t install the posts yourself, you’ll need to know the exact distance between them so that you can cut the railing …
  3. Get balusters and wood for the handrail. …
  4. Finish all of the wooden pieces. …

How to build a planter box on a 2×6 handrailing?

Step 2: Cutting List

  • 6 side pieces (1400mm lengths of the decking plank).
  • 6 end pieces (630mm lengths of the decking plank).
  • 6 legs (30mm x 50mm x 500mm).
  • 10 slats for the base.
  • 6 lengths of timber to make a baton to hold the base slats (19mm x 32mm x Various).

How to build brackets for balcony planter boxes?

Tools Needed

  • Table saw
  • Miter saw or circular saw
  • Brad nailer
  • Drill
  • Random orbit sander
  • Clamps

1. The Charm of Railing Planters

Railing planters and flowers growing prolifically in them can increase the charm of your balcony garden.

3. Try Thriller-Spiller-Filler Technique

In this planter, the snake plant and purple salvia are used as a thriller, Russian kale as a filler, and sedum and creeping jenny as the spiller. Learn more about this technique here.

5. Black Railing Planter to Match Every Plant


Black color goes well with everything and if your summers are cool, hang black planter boxes over a railing to grow your favorite flowers.

7. Select Great Plant Combinations
8. Grow Shade Tolerant Plants in Shady Balcony

Grow plants like coleus if your balcony is not sunny. Also, check out our list of shade-tolerant succulents to learn about more plant choices.

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10. Railing Planters Increase the Vertical Space

Railing planters are the best way to increase vertical space in your balcony garden.

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12. Railing Planters in Metal Frame

If not the railing planters that can hang, you can also opt for a frame-like structure to hold your pots and window boxes, just like this blogger here.

14. Railing Planters Boost the Curb Appeal

Railing planters, if planted wisely, can alone boost the curb appeal of your home. You can hang wooden planters on railings as well.

16. How about Growing Succulents

If low-maintenance succulents are your favorite plants, grow them in your balcony railing planters.

18. Handbags and Grow Bags as Railing Planters

Upcycle handbags or grow bags and use them as railing planters. We found this idea here.

Build Your Own Railing Planter for Custom Curb Appeal

Cut two side braces from the 1/2 x 1-1/2-inch cedar board. The side braces should be long enough to stretch across the bottom of the short ends of both planters, including the gap for the railing. Side braces should be cut at a 15-degree angle on both ends to match up with the window boxes. add cleat to back of railing planter box.

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1. Disco Ball Planter. Create an electrifying mood by using a disco ball planter for your greenery. Striking colors like red and pink provide that sharp contrast for an exciting piece. See the DIY here! 2. Pretty Lace Flower Pots. Lace up your pots for …

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20 Truly Cool DIY Garden Bed and Planter Ideas

Take the umbrella, turn it upside down and stick it into the ground to transform it to a flower bed. #2. Side yard makeover started from building a garden bed. #3. Build tiered beds from wooden pallets. Source Unknown. #4. Mickey …

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20 Best DIY Concrete Planter Ideas to Try in 2022

Whether you decide to make people or animals for your garden, hand-sculpted concrete planters give your space a sense of artistry as well as an air of mystery. Apply the moss described to give your concrete sculptures a finish and a feel of ancient artifacts. 13. Giving Your Concrete Planters a Rustic Refresh.

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Apr 24, 2022 – Ideas for window boxes and balcony railing planters. See more ideas about railing planters, balcony railing planters, container gardening.

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15 Balcony Planter Ideas To Save Some Space – Shelterness

Wall Planters. Wall planters are another great idea to save floor space. They may be wooden, metal, plastic or any other, you can attach planters to a ready wooden trellis on the wall or hang them in different ways. This way you can create a whole orangery without taking any space. a combo of hanging planters made of PVC pipes is an easy craft.

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Here’s How to Build It: 1. Cut Out End Pattern. Enlarge the end pattern (Figure B, in Project PDF’s below) to exactly 10-7/8 in. Cut two boards to a length of 12 in. and tape or glue the patterns onto the boards. With a saber saw or band saw, cut each end (A) using the pattern as a guide. Mark the length of your box on boards four times …

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33 Best Built-In Planter Ideas and Designs for 2022 – Homebnc

1. Deck Bench with Built-In Planters. Source: diy50.com. Bring the classic dark with white tuxedo look from your kitchen out to your deck, and tie the two areas together. To further coordinate the look, take extra posts from your deck fencing, saw them in half, and use them as the legs for your benches. 2.

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